To Cuff or Not To Cuff... October 7, 2015 06:00

How many times do we ask ourselves this question when we are getting ready? You just purchased new booties or you’re trying to stay stylish in the rain with your rubber boots, the mystery is how do you wear them? We have the skinny on your jeans and how to style them with the most loved fall fashion piece…the bootie!

The magic formula: Roll your skinny jeans (no boot cut or flares please!) so the hem just barely hits the top of your boots exposing some leg (wink wink!)


Style 1: Over the ankle booties

For boots like these black Toms suede wedges that cover the ankle, we suggest one big roll about 2 -3 inches creating a single cuff allowing only about a ¼ inch at most of skin to show.  

Style 2: The “Duck” Boot

If you are looking to wear those duck boots you finally got your hands on, we suggest a double roll hiding the hem of the jean completely.  This roll should be between 1-2 inches.  You will want to ensure that no more than about a half inch of skin is showing so you stay dry and fabulous!

Style 3: Low profile bootie

The feminine detail of the scallop edging on this Jack Roger bootie is dainty and shouldn’t be hidden. Keep it sleek and opt for the ankle jeans or even the cropped ones so that no folding is required.  (hint: cropped jeans are easier to tuck into your riding boots too! ) Don’t expose too much, nobody likes ‘high-waters’.

No matter your style keep it fresh with a pair of booties this fall! Short and tall we love them all at Atlantic Beach Surf Shop.